Woman Gone Wild

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Changes in latitude, Changes in attitude

Nicole Duncan

There are funny moments of cultural dislocation when moving from the US to the UK. My rare forays into baking afternoon treats would see me receiving blank stares when I made references to being June Cleaver and receiving blank stares while I continue to fail to understand the power of a blue peter badge. None surprised me more than the fact that no one understood my belief that Jimmy Buffet is the only music to listen to while sailing. Or on a sunny day. Or when you need to pretend it is a sunny day (which I need to do a lot). 

At the moment, I am not feeling so much culturally dislocated as mislocated in life. This blog began on the now long defunct Travel Pod website as a way to remember our travels when the boys were small. Charging down castle hills all over England waving wooden swords at 2 & 4.  Mugging for the camera in front of the pyramids and sailing down the Nile on a felucca at 5 & 7. Treking the Anapurna foothills, playing football with every lad they met in Nepal and Bhutan at 8 & 10. Then it found its way onto WordPress for a while to capture multiple trips to Alaska, Japan, and Space Camp. We've done kids book reviews and road trip playlists along with trip tips and tricks. 

In the blink of an eye, the kids are teenagers off having their own adventures that they don't want to share. My husband has retired to the golf course and garden. And I'm...here. Kids launching, career stalled, not ready for the final act by a long margin. 

Actually, I'm ready for more. More adventure, more travel, more of music festivals. Carpe Diem, suck the marrow from the bone, and all of those wonderful dead poets' ideas. India was my first trip with a group and I'm determined it won't be my last. Time to connect with the wild women of the world to make a difference and define our next acts. I know I'm not alone staring at menopause and an empty nest and knowing there is more of life to be lived. 

I'm going to leave the old posts because they make me smile in memory but moving forward it will be more solo travel and women running wild. Maybe the teens will consent to a guest post every now and then. If I'm home long enough to see them.