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Great American Eclipse

Moose, Wyoming August 2017

Sometimes, it feels like something isn't meant to be.

I had such amazing memories of making eclipse glasses in school for the 1979 eclipse. Mine were made from electric blue poster board and had mylar sandwiched between the layers. We drove down to Oregon and stood alongside the road all morning waiting.

In 2006, I began making plans to take my children to see a total eclipse in Asia in 2008. Nothing would excite the space mad oldest child more than an astronomical trip.Four minutes of totality from a cruise chip in the middle of the Pacific was going to be the highlight of our first trip to Asia. I went and spent a day with a local photographer who specialises in astrophotography to start understanding how to capture the images I wanted. And then the bottom fell out of the economy and the trip had to be scrapped. 

I began again. I bought a new telescope for the 2015 eclipse in the UK and loads of solar film. I had my camera hooked up to use it as a lens and another piggybacked on top to get the atmosphere along the coast looking toward the Isle of Wight. It was cloudy. Really cloudy. So cloudy, it didn't even seem to get darker during the eclipse though it did get colder and the birds stopped singing. 

I started yet again, plotting our trip to see the 2017 US eclipse. After telling my father I had rented a beach house in Oregon so we would be amongst the first to witness the eclipse, he reminded me that it has been clouded in Oregon when I was a child and we saw nothing. In my memory, I had not only seen the eclipse, it was the highlight of my childhood. Those glasses! Not to be thwarted again, we opted for Wyoming and a better chance of sun. Early clouds left me a little despondent but then....


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