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Getting ready for Egypt 2008

Nicole Duncan

The girl at Nomad's gave H a list of phrases so the five year old is now going to be our language expert.  Clearly he'll be in the bazaar negotiating for a good antique sword and finding the best chocolate.  Meanwhile, I is going to be our local knowledge expert as they have been studying Egypt in history this term.  P and I are along for the ride and the picture taking.

Both boys have been packed since Sunday.  I can only assume they packed underwear and socks.  They have new backpacks and look like they are ready to do the whole hostel routine.  I took the picture of H ready to go. We were lucky to find a pack small enough for him.  He doesn't look too much like a turtle.  P and I better get a move on and get ourselves organized...

P is going to have a fit when he comes in and sees I have packed 20lbs of camera equipment.  Ooops.  I did pack a change of clothes as well though. 

We arrived at nine at night and it was still lovely and warm. Egypt Air had great service and cattle class had more leg room than BA economy. Sharif is our guide for the week. He met us before passport control got our visas for us and is about to get us to our hotel.