Woman Gone Wild

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Thimphu, Bhutan 2012

Nicole Duncan


Two weeks of constant togetherness is taking its toll. Tears at breakfast and not enough tea to soothe them. It is really hard to all be together 24/7 and limited other company. No wonder the boys are picking at each other and no longer at their best. I'm certainly frayed. Even the Internet and afew minutes on Skype or Facebook would be a help for the change of company. I know Hamish felt better having seen his grandparents for a few minutes on Easter. We either need shorter holidays (or none as I threatened at breakfast) or more company with us. We had hoped to go rafting today but it was booked solid. Instead, having cleared the air at breakfast, we headed up to see the newly erected Buddha on the hill. At 169 feet, Karma assures us it is the tallest sitting Buddha in the world. The design was bhutanese but the materials all came from China. Peter spotted he moon behind the Buddha and it made a great photo. From there we headed across the valley and had a short hike to a monastery further along the ridge. The boys really enjoyed the easy lope through the woods. I had enticed them with the offer of an Oreo on arrival. However, they turned out to be ice cream flavour Oreo -- imagine the taste of ice mint tooth paste between chocolate cookies. There were some young monks visiting the temple to pray. I had hoped for a picture of hen with Iain and Hamish as they were all of an age but the monks were gone before we were finished looking inside the temple. Next we headed down to see the archery. This is a team sport here. They shoot first from one end and then the other so the conditions vary. Two shots per person at a little tiny target 125m away. The best bit is that when a team mate hits the target, those on both ends of the range do a dance and song of praise for the great shot. Karma has promised Hamish they will do the song tomorrow if Hamish makes a hit. Iain fulfilled the last item on his Himalaya trip list today at lunch trying the butter tea he had read about. Iain thoughtfully had a couple of sips before deciding that unless he was really cold in the mountains it wasn't his thing. Hamish made he worlds most disgusted face. Peter drank half. I finished mine (but I had tried it before and knew what to expect). We've taken the afternoon off to regroup and relax. And buy some proper Oreos. And see if the internet cafe will connect us to the world. I miss the world.