Woman Gone Wild

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Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden

Africa, TravelNicole Duncan

The tension between the natural wild world and the civilized society, our inner and outer lives, is evident in the sculpture and gardens. Dylan Lewis’ sculpture is set in a garden that runs up to the mountains behind, manicured spaces, contrasted with the wild. Dylan’s creative touch is not just in the sculpture but in every line of the garden. It is a place to think and wonder. The perfect ending to our African journey.

When the Water Comes In

Africa, TravelNicole Duncan

Arriving in the Okavango Delta as the water came in was a once in a lifetime experience. The world changed hourly from dry and parched to a water-filled wonderland. Seeing a leopard with her cubs and lions fighting for territory were merely icing on the cake.


Africa, Travel, CommunityNicole Duncan

I was in a documentary photography workshop in February that resonated with my discomfort of taking pictures of people in villages. When we visited SATUBO on our trip to Kenya, I took a new approach and the dynamic was an aha moment.

Roar and Restore

Africa, TravelNicole Duncan

The opportunity to go on safari was too good to pass up but the idea of a retreat put me off. It was a lesson in embracing the unknown and jumping in with both feet. In addition to seeing lions, a leopard, and elephants, I also had the opportunity to connect with an amazing group of people as we discussed rewinding, conservation, and connection.

Inian Islands, Alaska 2015

USA, TravelNicole Duncan

When Stephen suggested that we spend two nights at The Hobbit Hole Lodge it seemed the perfect solution to having the trip we wanted without forcing my parents to camp for four nights. Just as the passage to the outer coast came into view, the boat turned out of the strait and into a quiet cluster of islands. A slight turn and an entrance to a cover that hadn't been visible before appeared and we entered the magic of The Hobbit Hole - a peaceful cove to protect you from the widest weather, water deep enough to moor your boat, a cosy complex of houses to shelter you, tall trees providing cover and soaring beauty, a vegetable garden for food and a lovely garden to relax at the end of a long day. The Tolkien quote from the beginning of The Hobbit was perfect, "it was a hobbit-hole and that means comfort".